The origin of palpa

Palpa is a young company founded mid 2016. After a career of more than 25 years in academic, automotive and lighting industry in very diverse functions, Kris Beckstedde started Palpa.

As a civil engineer, economist and generalist, Kris is passionate about keeping an overview on things. This is where the idea for Palpa originates from: how can we keep an overview in times when more and more data are generated.

Palpa combines technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence) with human insight and creativity. At the start of the company, Palpa mainly considered the overflow of pictures and video. In the meantime, it also investigates on the reduction of texts, PowerPoints, spreadsheets, PDF’s, …. The technology part enables to do things in an efficient, structured way. The creativity part enables the visible part, the transformation process, the basis to get inspired or inspire others.

Palpa does not deal with ‘big data’. A lot of competent companies can help you with that. Our operational field is your ever increasing amount of unused small data.

Palpa identity

  • NAME: ‘palpa’ stands for reducing and restructuring things to make them useful, tangible, palpable again.
  • LOGO:  ‘‘ illustrates the Palpa philosophy. It represents the reduction of an infinite sequence of points (yes – a line) into a limited selection of single points, which on their turn are transformed into a logo.
  • BASELINE: ‘small data, inspiring communication’ emphasises the importance of the total flow, from start to finish.

Palpa values

  • Empathy – we want to understand your needs
  • Discretion – we respect your privacy
  • Experience  – the result must be palpable, improving the experience
  • Made to measure – no solution is the same
  • We are driven by technology and creativity
  • Our processes are simple and straightforward
  • We apply high quality standards

Palpa methodology

In every project, Palpa applies its unique COTRAM methodology (compile – transform – amplify). See our methodology page for more information.